Resolutions or Intentions? Maudlin and Miasma.

I read somewhere recently or maybe it just flashed by quickly on some news feed or another but I saw something talking about the difference between resolutions and intentions for the new year I think it talked about how intentions sounded less stressful than resolutions but I think I just read the headline so I am not sure what the point of the article was but in thinking about it I got to say I have been mulling it over and I think they are right. Of course if thats what they were talking about at all.

Now resolution to me is something that you do that will get done and intention is something that you intend to do but it might or might not happen. I could get the definitions for you on these two words and see if I am right but to be honest I just ain’t that kind of person. Right now I am actually watching Gilmore Girls on reruns and having a glass of wine so educating you on what words mean isn’t high on my list. I realize it could look neat and I could look like I know what I am talking about but why waste the energy right now what I am talking about is what I think the words mean so who cares anyway?

I don’t think I ever made a resolution I have kept unless at some point I gave in and said my resolution is to continue to be mediocre in all I do and take more naps. So you can see how the word intention is more appealing. I like intention. I intend to be a good person but no pressure to really do so. I intend to be more out going and open to bring people into my life but again we will see what happen. I intend to write more because it makes me happy and helps me with my brain…I intend to do more things that are creative because I think one of the main tenants to a full some life is creation but its yet to be proven well for me at least.

This post is a bit maudlin but not only is it one of my favorite words its frankly how I am feeling. I like miasma too and I even got to use it in a sentence at work the other day. Now did that get some looks. So back to the end of a year and the beginning of a new. Things I love I finally got the balls the put the my beautiful wreck of a house on the market and move to a new town with a house that I am so freaking in love with I could cry. Keeping my job when I was sure I was next to be fired (honestly the only thing personal I have on my desk is a rock from the batten kill that reminds me how beautiful nature is).  My parents are still alive and I love them like mad.  I love my sister in law and the kids and hope to one day repair the relationship between my brother and I.

Things I look forward to this year and hopefully selling the old house and finding someone who sees in it what I did and do. My husband who I do love but has tried me like hell this past year to getting better and either becoming who he once was or maybe fingers crossed someone even better. Making a few kindred spirits in my new town or at least someone knowing my name. Work? well work is work and right now I will settle for a pay check until the old house sells. Once that is done then we shall see. So now lofty goals I wont talk about losing the extra body i carry around with me I figure get your brain straightened out and then we can talk about the mundane. OMG another M work Maudlin Miasma and Mundane. Why am I too old to form a rock band because that my friends is my band name or maybe the name of my first book of poetry which would be a neat trick since I don’t write any.

I wish everyone a better next year if this year sucked and if this year was super awesome one just as great.


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